Quickly understand the advantages of biological buffer Bicine in 30 seconds

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Bicine, as one of the many buffer types, plays a major role in both reagent kits and other biochemical experiments. Most of the products produced by manufacturers are powdery, soluble in water and insoluble in other organic solvents. Since it is an important buffer, what are its advantages?

1Bicine has a wide range of applications

1. Due to its stable performance, Bicine is often used in biochemical research as a PH buffer.

2. Because its pH value ranges from 7.6 to 9.0, it meets the requirements of the electric pulse buffer in the capillary, and is often used as a conductor in the capillary, and is also a necessary condition to maintain the constant pH value of the electrophoresis system.

3. The structure is similar to glycine. Because it is not easy to react with other substances, it can be used as a stable substrate solution for guanine enzyme determination.

2Bicine performs well

Because it belongs to one of the types of buffer solution, the mixed solvent composed of weak acid or weak base and salt can offset or balance the influence of external addition of acid or base to a certain extent and avoid changes in the experiment. Therefore, it can play a role in promoting the relative stability of pH value. With this advantage, it can be widely used in biochemical research to maintain the pH of the experimental system.

3Bicine is easy to prepare

The buffer solution produced by the manufacturer is mostly in powder form for convenient transportation and storage. In the research work, the preparation of buffer solution is an indispensable key step. However, this is not as difficult as expected. Bicine is generally prepared by adjusting the pH value with sodium hydroxide alkaline solution, and then mixing in proportion to obtain a buffer solution with a specific pH value. If you need a more accurate pH value, measure it, and then adjust the mixing proportion according to the need. The method is simple and easy to operate.

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