Application of blood anticoagulant heparin lithium CAS 9045-22-1

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Heparin lithium is one of the anticoagulants in blood collection additives. The collection and anticoagulation of blood samples are the strengths of heparin lithium. It is very important in first aid, because anticoagulant samples can be centrifuged directly, so it saves a lot of time, which can provide test results as soon as possible, and can buy time for saving patients' lives.

Heparin lithium

As heparin lithium has little influence on the movement of water molecules in clinical blood tests, it can less interfere with blood components, and does not affect the volume of red blood cells and hemolysis, so it is mostly used to test blood samples. In clinical blood tests, heparin is mainly used to check liver function, because many diseases are related to liver diseases. Liver diseases refer to liver cirrhosis, fatty liver, viral hepatitis, liver cancer, liver abscess, etc. In addition to liver examination, heparin lithium can also be used for blood routine examination, abdominal x-ray examination, histopathological examination and other diagnostic diseases.

On the other hand, heparin lithium is applicable to hemorheology. For example, patients with cardio-cerebrovascular disease, anemia and other diseases may have abnormal blood viscosity, and at this time, heparin lithium should be used for testing. It can also be used to check some specific items, such as arterial blood gas analysis, detection of electrolytes, calcium ions, etc.

There are also some patients who are not easy to separate the blood serum after using anticoagulant drugs during hemodialysis. At this time, heparin lithium can also be used to collect blood vessels, which can not affect the cell volume and obtain more accurate test data.

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