Causes of blistering of serum gel after irradiation

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The serum separation gel is literally known as a colloid. There are three colors in the market: transparent, semi-transparent and opaque. Like transparent or semi-transparent serum separation gel, you can see whether there are impurities or bubbles at a glance, which greatly affects the beauty and also reduces the desire to buy. Some serum separators did not produce bubbles during the production process, but they produced bubbles after radiation. What is the reason? Let me give you a detailed analysis.

Radiation principle of serum separating gel

In fact, after the serum separation gel is added to the test tube, the electron beam irradiation used in the process of irradiation sterilization of the test tube is cobalt-60 irradiation sterilization. The principle of action is to kill the microorganism through the energy released by the electron beam or ray, so that it is in the sterile state for experiment.

Causes of bubbles in serum gel after radiation

Sometimes the size of the released absorbed energy can have a direct impact on the sterilization or stability of the product. If the irradiation energy is too small, the sterilization effect may not be ideal. If the released irradiation energy is too large, it may cause partial tissue damage and further release a large amount of energy. This energy is dissipated in the form of heat energy. If a large amount of heat energy in the pipe is not discharged, it will naturally bulge, just like boiling water, and bubbles will be generated during the heating process.

How to solve the blistering of serum separation gel after radiation

1. First of all, in the whole irradiation process, it is necessary to control the irradiation dose to avoid too high or too low, resulting in bubbles.

2. Using the static method, it is usually difficult for some manufacturers to control the separation gel without any bubbles, so at this time, it is necessary to place the serum separation gel after releasing the heat energy, and wait for a period of time to naturally exhaust the gas.

3. Centrifuge is used to solve the problem. After irradiation, place it for a period of time. If it still does not slow down the bubbles, try to centrifuge on the machine. After centrifugation, most of the bubbles will be discharged. Pay attention not to centrifuge for too long.

The bubble problem mainly affects the beauty, which makes people unconsciously suspect that there is a problem with the product quality. However, this bubble will not interfere with the detection experiment. It only exists on the surface, but its performance has not changed, and it can be used normally.

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