What factors are related to the performance of anti-irradiation separation adhesive

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With the rapid development of modern medical laboratory technology, most of the samples used in various tests need to be separated from blood samples to extract high-quality serum. As one of the important auxiliary test reagents, the anti-irradiation separation gel has more and more influence in the market, and various manufacturers have increased involuntarily. However, this does not mean that the separation gel quality of all manufacturers is excellent, so finding a stable anti-irradiation separation gel manufacturer has become a matter of special concern.

So, what factors are related to the performance of anti-irradiation separation adhesive? Let me give you a detailed analysis.As one of the indispensable substances in the blood sample, the anti-irradiation separation gel uses some key values to meet the requirements, such as specific gravity, thixotropy, viscosity or physiological inertia, and it also depends on these indicators to judge whether its performance is stable.

1、 Specific gravity
Its specific gravity determines whether it can turn over the blood sample, so its specific gravity can neither be higher than blood cells nor lower than serum, but should be between the two, so as to effectively play a separation effect, do not change the blood, stably and efficiently extract, and achieve the detection purpose.

2、 Physiological inertia
The anti-irradiation separation gel must have physiological inertia, and it is a hydrophobic compound. When it is in direct contact with blood, the high-quality anti-irradiation separation gel will not react with blood, otherwise it will affect the composition of blood, and the performance will not be stable naturally.3.3、

This requirement refers to the property of changing at the touch, which can quickly gather to form a separation zone. This is the key to the formation of the separation layer of the serum separation gel under the action of centrifugal force, which is also one of the key factors affecting the performance.

4、 Irradiation resistance
Vacuum blood collection is required to be sterile, and gamma rays are usually used for irradiation. After gamma rays irradiation, the performance of serum separation gel is required to have no significant change. After irradiation, it is required to be placed naturally, and all parameters are also required to have no change, so this is also the reason that affects the performance change.

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