What are the advantages of chemiluminescence in the detection of COVID-19

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Chemiluminescence method and colloidal gold method are mainly used to detect COVID-19 as powerful means for COVID-19 detection. Chemiluminescence is more excellent, so what are its advantages? This has also been a concern of many clinical workers. This article will answer in detail.

Chemiluminescence reagent acridine ester

The COVID-19 antibody test kit is based on the principle of double antigen sandwich method to detect the total antibody of COVID-19. Chemiluminescence microparticle immunoassay is mainly used to qualitatively detect COVID-19 antibodies in human serum or blood cells. First, the sample, the magnetic particle coated with the recombinant antigen of COVID-19 and the reaction diluent were mixed. The COVID-19 antibody in the sample will be bound to the magnetic particle coated with COVID-19 recombinant antigen.

After washing, add the acridine ester labeled with the recombinant antigen of COVID-19. Next, wash again to remove the substances not bound to the magnetic particles, and then add the pre excitation solution and excitation solution. Measure the generated chemiluminescence reaction signal to make judgment.

Through research and comparison, it was found that the chemiluminescence kit could recognize all types of 2019-nCoV specific antibodies. The colloidal gold kit can only recognize one or two 2019-nCoV specific antibodies. In addition, the chemiluminescence method determines the result by collecting and reading the luminous value of photons, while the colloidal gold method only judges by the naked eye, which is easily affected by subjective factors. The chemiluminescence method is more sensitive than the colloidal gold method.

To sum up, the chemiluminescence method used for COVID-19 antibody detection has the advantages of high sensitivity and high whiteness of the detection system. Desheng is a manufacturer of chemiluminescent reagents. At present, we are selling Luminolacridine ester and other products. Welcome to contact us at any time if you need to buy!