Desheng - talking about sentient beings under antigen detection

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Recently, with the introduction of the new epidemic regulations, the whole epidemic prevention measures have undergone great changes, and there are obvious differences between the attitude and the way. In terms of the detection method, the change from the original nucleic acid detection to antigen detection has stimulated the enthusiasm of relevant enterprises in production. There are also more and more people around who are constantly asking for and buying goods through various relationships. There is also a situation where demand exceeds supply in the market. So Desheng would like to talk with you about this phenomenon.

As one of the most important anti-epidemic materials at present, the identity of antigen suddenly appears to be particularly "noble". However, due to the fact that many production enterprises have been expropriated or their qualifications have not come down, the market gap has become very large in a short time. Moreover, on the other hand, when the market was liberalized in the early stage, the collective price of goods on the market rose. At that time, many people were confused and only knew the "joy" after liberation. Only when people resumed work and positive employees continued to appear, did they understand the reason for the price rise until antigens and even the whole influenza drugs became scarce.

Nowadays, the fever of antigen makes the nucleic acid more lonely. The mixed tube nucleic acid examination in various hospitals has gradually become a single tube, and the detection quantity has returned to a relatively stable state. The examination of various routine items in the hospital has also been carried out normally. I thought that the number of people checking for diseases would increase on a large scale, but it is not normal. Although personal infection is inevitable, there are still many people who would rather carry it than go to the hospital, because the hospital has become a very dangerous place in our knowledge.

Just talked about the current situation in the industry, and then look around us. There are more and more positives in various office environments around us. Especially for some enterprises in the peak sales season at the end of the year, they may be on the verge of stopping production because of no one, which has brought great impact. From the perspective of the opening up of European and American countries in the past two years, the productivity recovery of different industries is uneven. Almost no enterprise can reach 100%, and there are always intermittent positive employees. This is the psychological preparation that the entire enterprise and bosses need to make.

Desheng is also here to remind you that although prevention and control are open and free, don't forget to protect yourself. The necessary protective measures should still be in place, wear masks, and wash hands and disinfect frequently. This can at least give others and yourself more sense of security, but also reduce the occupation of medical resources, which is also a manifestation of responsibility. In addition, although the antigen has become the main body of traffic, in fact, looking around, it is not only the antigen that has changed, but also the whole society and even everyone. Pay attention to adjusting their mood and facing a new round of challenges.