Desheng - wholesale manufacturer of blood collection vessel additives

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In recent years, with the progress of medicine, the additives for blood collection tubes have also emerged. Common anticoagulants and coagulants are favored reagents in vacuum test tubes. The increasing demand brings about competition between sellers and annoyance to buyers. With so many businesses, how to choose a manufacturer that meets the requirements and is a direct seller?

Here, we recommend Desheng Biochemical, a manufacturer of a full range of blood collection reagents. Under the core concept of "quality first and technology leading", Desheng has a perfect R&D system, a professional R&D team, and continuous investment. The produced blood collection reagents have occupied a seat in the market and are recognized by customers. In addition to R&D, Desheng also has the following advantages:

1Short cargo cycle

As a manufacturer of additives for blood collection tubes, Desheng has a daily output of tons, among which there are a large number of spot stocks of EDTA dipotassium, tripotassium, disodium and other products, which can be directly supplied for shipment. To a certain extent, it can directly meet the customer's demand for large quantities of orders, without worrying about the shortage of goods and long delivery time.

2Reagent product quality is excellent

The blood collection reagents produced by Desheng, such as serum separating gel, have a specific gravity between 1.048-1.065, good thixotropy, radiation resistance, and are not prone to overturn. EDTA potassium salt anticoagulant, with a purity of more than 99%, does not contain any impurities, and has good solubility, which is conducive to directly preparing into a solution and adding it to the test tube for use. In terms of the key indicators of reagents, Desheng strictly controls them. It supervises the sampling inspection for more than three times for the produced batches of products, and can only be sold if they are up to the standard, so as to ensure the customer's purchase experience.

3Bulk sales, price concessions

As a wholesale manufacturer of blood collection reagents, Desheng can give actual discounts according to the order quantity of customers, especially for tonnage customers, and the price given must be satisfactory. And Desheng follows the principle of "as long as the price of raw materials does not rise, the price given to customers will not change easily".


In terms of transportation, the logistics supply mode is adopted. For a long time, we have cooperated with major express delivery parties to deliver goods directly to the home, so as to ensure that the product transportation will not be damaged and improve the transportation efficiency.

5After sales service

As a wholesale manufacturer, Desheng produces a series of blood collection reagent products, which can be purchased in a one-stop manner, including serum separating gel, coagulant, anticoagulant, water silicon, oil silicon, sodium fluoride, potassium oxalate, sodium citrate, etc. If there are problems with the raw materials after purchasing, Desheng will solve them at the first time, and assign special personnel to guide them, so as to ensure that there is no third party between the manufacturer and the buyer, and ensure the quality of service without worries.

Desheng has been committed to the development and production of blood collection reagents since its inception. In the early stage, it started from the first generation of serum separating gel, and then developed to the fourth generation of separating gel. With the change of the market, it has gradually made a full range of blood collection reagents. So far, it has been developed for 18 years, and the sales volume of blood collection reagents has gradually increased. Customers have been amazed at the quality and price. If you have this kind of demand, welcome to inquire!