Introduction and applications of biological buffer-Bicine

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Bicine, the full name is N, N-dihydroxyethylglycine, and its CAS number is 150-25-4. Bicine is an amphoteric amino acid buffer, active in the pH range of 7.6-9.0 (pKa is 8.3 at 25℃) Recommended buffer for low temperature biochemical work. Bicaine is used to prepare a stable serum guanosidase substrate solution. A method for protein separation using dihydropyridine in thin layer ion exchange chromatography has been published. Dihydropyridine has been used for peptide and protein crystallization.

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Applications of N, N-dihydroxyethylglycine (Bicine)

1. The molecular structure of Bicine is similar to glycine. The molecule has a substituted amino group, a carboxyl group and 2 hydroxyl groups as coordination groups, so it has the properties of both amino acid and aminoethanol, and can form a metal with a single anion (Bic-) The complex is often used as a buffer solution for capillary electrophoresis.

2. According to the description of patent CN104245089A, Bicine is suitable as an effective inhibitor of oxidative degradation of amines, and can effectively inhibit the oxidative degradation of amines used or amine-containing absorbents used.

  1.  Used to prepare a stable substrate solution for serum guanine enzyme determination. It is also a very widely used Buffer, used in enzyme reaction buffer, electrophoresis buffer, working concentration from 3-100mM.
  2. Bicine is an amino acid analog that is easily soluble in water. It is an environmentally friendly substance. The molecule contains two -OH and one -COOH. It has good chelating properties and can chelate heavy metal ions such as Cu, Cd, and Pb. , but can not chelate calcium and magnesium ions. Therefore, Bicine is often used as a chelating agent to repair heavy metal contaminated soil. Bicine has a good elution capacity for heavy metals under neutral and acidic conditions, and can efficiently remove Cu, Cd, and Pb ions in contaminated soil. Bicine is the eluent of the active component, which can not only rinse and repair heavy metal contaminated soil, but also avoid the loss of plant nutrient elements calcium and magnesium in the soil. It is safe and environmentally friendly, and will not cause secondary pollution to the environment.

 Bicine belongs to Good ’s buffer system, which has the advantages of not participating in and interfering with the biochemical reaction process, and being resistant to chemical action and enzymatic hydrolysis. It needs to be stored under normal temperature, protected from light and moisture, sealed and dry, and has certain requirements for the storage environment. Desheng has a dedicated product storage warehouse for this problem. Because Bicine's liquid is not very stable, Desheng's products are ready to use or can be packaged according to customer needs to solve customer's troubles.

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