Fun experiment of chemiluminescence reagent Luminol

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Luminol is luminescent ammonia, the full name of 3-aminophthaloyl hydrazide CAS521-31-3, is a yellow crystal or light yellow powder, can react with hydrogen peroxide or other oxidants under the catalysis of enzymes, and Light blue light. Therefore, it is widely used in blood detection and chemiluminescence immunodetection in criminal investigation.

Luminol and isoluminol are chemiluminescent substrate reagents specially developed by the company. In addition to detecting trace blood on criminal investigations, they are mainly used for chemiluminescent platforms or configured as ECL luminescent liquid products. The detection principle is that luminol can be oxidized by hydrogen peroxide in an alkaline and peroxidase-catalyzed environment, producing a blue light. The intensity of the luminescence corresponds to the content of hydrogen peroxide, and thus corresponds to the test for the generation of hydrogen peroxide Substance content.

In order to make everyone more intuitively understand Lumino's luminous performance, Desheng Company organized a fun experiment of Lumino-Lumino Luminous Fountain in the experiment building under the leadership of the technical department engineer Liu. The main principles of the experiment are as follows:

Lumino glowing fountain

1. Add sodium hydroxide with concentrated ammonia water in the experiment to generate ammonia gas; due to ammonia gas and easily soluble in water, when a small amount of water is added to the next flask, the ammonia gas quickly dissolves, forming a solution in the negative pressure adsorption beaker, forming an ammonia fountain It does not provide an alkaline environment for luminol oxidation.

2. Taking into account the cost of the experiment, we replaced sodium perchlorate (the main component of 84 disinfectant or bleach) with direct reaction with hydrogen peroxide to generate active oxygen, which in turn oxidized luminol and emitted blue light.

After many experiments, the experiment as a whole has been successful. Through the experiment organized by the company, the performance of the Luminol luminescence reagent developed by the company was well verified, and it also reflected the organization ability of the engineer Liu and the maturity of the company's technical service.

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