How long can the blood in the test tube be kept after adding anticoagulant

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In the process of clinical blood transportation or detection, the use of anticoagulants plays a vital role for medical staff. Because once the blood leaves the human body, it will quickly coagulate in a short time. Before the production of anticoagulant, its detection efficiency and transportation efficiency will be greatly reduced. After the application of anticoagulant, it directly promotes the development of the entire medical industry. Since the status of anticoagulants is so high, how long can the blood in the anticoagulant tube be kept? Now let's have a look.

Normally, the blood will coagulate about 10 minutes after leaving the human body, and completely coagulate within 30 minutes to 1 hour. Since the blood mainly consists of proteins and contains various active cells, it will denature and necrosis at room temperature. If only the serum is used for blood analysis, it is no problem to keep it for a long time.

Now, almost every medical institution will add chemical reagents to the blood test tubes, which can ensure the long-term preservation of blood samples. Some blood samples can even be preserved for more than 10 years. If it is necessary to use fresh blood for analysis, the storage time of added reagents is generally about 6 hours. However, it should be noted that except platelets, which can be stored at room temperature, other plasma and red blood cells need to be refrigerated.

In addition, due to different types of anticoagulants, their detection items are also different, and the natural preservation time is also different. If it is a routine blood drawing test, anticoagulant is directly added to the test tube, which is usually stored at 2-8 degrees for a week. If it is stored at 4 degrees, it will not affect the use. Take it out and shake it gently.

If biochemical tests are required, the storage temperature is usually no more than 12 hours at 2-8 ℃. If blood glucose tests are required, they need to be completed within 2 hours without refrigeration or adding other reagents. If EDTA potassium salt anticoagulant is added to the test tube, it can be stored for about 10 days as long as it is not exposed to the sun.

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