Is tris buffer really toxic?

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Due to the popularity of various experiments, the biological buffer has become an indispensable reagent in the experiments. Tris buffer solution is a solution that is widely used in various experiments. Therefore, the market demand is only increasing, and large quantities are purchased. However, many people will question whether tris is toxic. Is it toxic? Here's a detailed introduction.

1Tris performance

Tris, as the "boss" in biological buffers, has a wide range of applications. In addition to being used as a buffer in some biological experiments and analysis, it can also be used in surfactants, cosmetics, vulcanization accelerators, pharmaceutical intermediates, etc. From these purposes, it is basically not harmful to the human body. Even if it is used in cosmetics, which are directly in contact with the human body, it also plays a role in regulating the ph value, and there is no harm.

2Composition of Tris

Tris is said to be a "toxic" product because it contains 3 molecules of formaldehyde. However, the use of any substance requires consideration of the dose. If a small amount of it is exposed, and the operator wears protective equipment during the contact operation, effective protection will not cause problems, nor will it threaten health.

3Is Tris really poisonous?

Tris produced by most manufacturers are white powder, which may be toxic. That is, many people do not keep it properly or use it beyond the expiration date, which makes the product change, deteriorate, discolor, and produce odor. At this time, it cannot be guaranteed whether it is non-toxic. If you need to use it, you need to choose Tris with pure appearance, stable performance and no impurities. It will not produce toxicity basically, so you can use it with confidence.

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