Multiple uses of MOPS buffer CAS1132-61-2

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As a traditional biological buffer, MOPS is also very impressive. After all, as an important member of the electrophoresis buffer, it is often used to prepare RNA and protein purification buffers. It not only performs well in electrophoresis experiments, but also has great advantages in cell culture. But today's small edition focuses on the important use of MOPS in other fields. Let's take a look.

MOPS buffer

1. Application of MOPS in in vitro diagnosis

It is recorded in relevant patent documents that MOPS can be used as a buffer in a urine cell stain, which can

The rapid coloration of cells in urine after staining not only improves the detection efficiency, but also improves the accuracy of detection results.

2. Application of MOPS in nucleic acid detection kit

In the kit for detecting N6 methyladenine in nucleic acid molecules, MOPS can be used as a buffer component. In addition to MOPS, TRIS, HEPES, PIPES, MES, etc. can also be used as a buffer for combination.

3. Application of MOPS in Liquid Chromatography Tandem Mass Spectrometry

In a reagent used to detect antibacterial drugs, MOPS is used as a stabilizer to prepare calibrators or quality controls, which is conducive to accurate detection of antibacterial drugs, can effectively improve its stability, maintain the plasma matrix composition to the greatest extent, and simplify the transportation and storage process of calibrators and quality controls.

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