The key to the quality of caps buffer solution lies in these aspects

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As one of the buffer types, caps has stable chemical properties. At 25 ° C, the pKa value is 10.4, and the pH buffer range is 9.7-11.1. Caps can be widely used, such as in biochemical experiments and diagnostic kits. In addition, it can also be used in industrial fields. With the expansion of applications, the requirements for product quality are getting higher and higher. However, there are too many businesses selling caps buffer solution in the market. If you want to really find high-quality Caps, you must start from the following aspects. Now, let's introduce it to you in detail.


1、 CAPS purity is key
When CAPS buffer solution is used as a pharmaceutical intermediate, it needs to ensure high purity, usually AR analytical purity level, which is required to be above 99%. If the simple purity cannot be met, which means that the quality is unstable, special attention should be paid to it. When selecting, the other party can provide a professional test report. However, there is an exception. When it is used in industry, the purity requirement will be lower. It can be customized according to needs, but purity must be the key.

2、 Attention shall be paid to CAPS process
The purity of buffer solution is the key, and the process is also one of the important factors that determine the quality. Generally, the CAPS produced is in powder form, and the unstable process will lead to the powder containing other unclean impurities. However, if the process is stable and the production steps are simplified, this problem can be reduced and the efficiency can be improved.

3、 How about the audience and comments of CAPS
The number of customers means whether the product is popular or not, but the use of the product determines the customer group. If CAPS can only be used in the industry field and the scope is limited, its customers will not be many. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare products that meet different requirements according to different uses of CAPS, which cannot be limited to one use. After expanding the scope, the number of customers will become more and more, with constant praise, and the natural quality will not be poor.

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