Do you know how to distinguish the raw materials of serum separating gel suppliers?

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In the early years, the process of serum separating gel in China was not stable, and the raw materials were always dependent on imports, and the demand has been steadily declining. Later, due to the growth of the domestic raw material industry and the development of full medical automation, the demand for serum separating gel gradually increased, sometimes even out of stock.
The arrival of this business opportunity has made many manufacturers unable to sit still and join in the production team of serum separating gel one after another. However, although the number of sellers is increasing, the quality is uneven, and some of them are traders, which inadvertently raises the price and cannot guarantee the quality. So, as a purchaser, how to distinguish the quality of serum separating gel? Here are some reference standards for you.

1、 Appearance
There are several appearances of serum separating gel, one of which is colorless transparent gel with viscosity. If the appearance color is abnormal and discolored, it indicates that the serum separating gel is not pure enough or contains impurities, which should be carefully selected.
2、 Tactile sensation
The serum separating gel is a kind of viscosity material. The tissue structure contains a lot of hydrogen bonds. If you touch it with your hand, you will feel the viscosity is very tight, not loose. If you touch it like water, the viscosity is not high, and the thickening is poor, this kind of serum separating gel has poor viscosity quality, which will interfere with the experiment. However, it should be noted that after touching with your hand, wash it as soon as possible to avoid sticking to the skin and being unable to remove it.
3、 Odor
As the serum separating gel is a high molecular polymer, it is not easy to volatilize and has only a slight odor. If there is an obvious odor or pungent smell, it may be a problem in the process of production.
4、 Specific gravity
In general, the serum separating gel plays the role of separating serum and blood clots in the vacuum tube, and the required specific gravity is between 1.045-1.065. If the specific gravity exceeds the range or is insufficient, the separation effect will be poor, so this is an important standard to measure whether the serum separating gel is of high quality.
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