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When it comes to additives for blood collection tubes, ordinary people know almost nothing except professionals, especially the use method, material form and performance of additives. In fact, the additives for blood collection vessels do not refer to a single product, but the whole series. There are various classifications below, such as anticoagulants, coagulants and other reagents. Here is a detailed introduction for you to fully understand.

1、 Blood collection accelerator
The coagulant accelerator includes high efficiency coagulating powder and solution type coagulant accelerator, which is generally a mixture of silica powder and various inorganic materials. Some manufacturers also use inorganic powder and thrombin. The coagulating powder and the solution type coagulant are very different. One is white powder and the other is solution. However, it should be noted that the powder is added to the test tube. It needs to be configured first, and then sprayed evenly to play the role of blood coagulation promotion.

2、 Anticoagulant for blood collection
There are more kinds of anticoagulants for blood collection than coagulants, including: lithium heparin, sodium heparin, potassium EDTA/potassium trisodium trisodium, potassium oxalate, sodium fluoride, and sodium citrate.

1. EDTA dipotassium/tripotassium/disodium: Because of the excellent performance of EDTA salts, they can complexe with metal ions to prevent blood coagulation from the root. They are usually used for routine blood testing and as external anticoagulants. The EDTA salt in the blood collection tube shall be of analytical purity, and shall not contain impurities and metals that exceed the standard, and shall ensure good solubility, fast dissolution and rapid anticoagulation.

2. Heparin sodium, heparin lithium: The principle of heparin anticoagulation is that heparin salt molecules can combine with lysine in the blood to prevent it from activating thrombin, so as to achieve the purpose of anticoagulation. However, lithium heparin is generally used for anticoagulation in blood gas detection, because lithium heparin has little interference with blood gas detection.

3. Trisodium citrate: also known as sodium citrate, as a complexing agent, it can react with calcium ions in the blood to form stable calcium citrate, so as to prevent blood coagulation activation and achieve anticoagulant effect. It is generally used in the determination of four coagulation items and erythrocyte sedimentation rate and other indicators.

4. Potassium oxalate: like sodium citrate, it is a complexing agent, which can complexe with calcium ions in the blood sample to form a stable complex and prevent blood coagulation. It is also required to be analytical pure and soluble in water. It is usually used together with sodium fluoride in detection and determination.

5. Sodium fluoride: sodium fluoride is usually added into the blood glucose tube as an inhibitor. With sodium fluoride and the inner wall of the test tube for treatment, the original characteristics of the blood sample can be guaranteed within a certain period of time, and the blood cell metabolism can be stopped.

3、 Other additives

1. Serum separating gel: The role of serum separating gel in the test tube is crucial. It can not only be used with anticoagulants and coagulants, but also can effectively separate serum and blood cells, form a barrier, avoid material exchange, and extract high-quality blood samples.

2. Siliconizing agent: it includes two kinds of siliconizing agents, oil siliconizing agent and water soluble siliconizing agent. The siliconizing effect of oil siliconizing agent is better, but the outer wall of the test tube is easy to stick, resulting in difficult labeling or easy label falling off. The water-soluble siliconizing agent can be dissolved in water, and the outer wall of the test tube can be cleaned with water after siliconizing to remove the siliconizing agent on the outer wall.

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