Desheng Miscellaneous Talks - Are the raw materials and products sold the same as the competitors?

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Nowadays, there are more and more manufacturers producing IVD raw materials and reagents, but most of them have unsatisfactory sales. The main reason is that there are many manufacturers producing the same product, with uneven product quality and low-level repeated production.

And among these manufacturers that produce the same raw materials, almost all of them regard each other as competitors, and compete head to head in the market. Therefore, many people have to think about the question: Are the products sold must be competitors as the products tend to be homogeneous?


For in vitro diagnostic industry, raw material production is to serve downstream reagent manufacturers. Customers choose to purchase or use it not only because of the product itself, but also because of the after-sale service guarantee provided by the manufacturer and value-added services such as scientific research teams. This is why, for a long time, imported products have been favored by many large downstream reagent manufacturers.

When the quality of the products produced by the enterprise is stable enough, the after-sales service is good, and problems occur, the service personnel immediately take the initiative to maintain and solve them. The customer does not have to worry about it. In addition, the customer provides professional guidance on usage. I believe that the customer will choose such a manufacturer for cooperation at the first time.
So, back to the question we talked about at the beginning, are the products we produce the same as our competitors? In fact, the answer is not yes. Many large enterprises in subdivided fields will always adhere to the optimization and improvement of their own products, and have formed a very good reputation in the market. Therefore, even the same product does not have a competitive relationship, and manufacturers with good reputation will not put it into their own competition scope.

Moreover, customers' needs are different. Sometimes the products produced cannot be fully met, they will find manufacturers of the same products. In this case, because of the demand relationship, there is no competition relationship. So, as for products, how can raw material manufacturers make breakthroughs?
This has to return to the needs of customers. Only by deeply understanding the needs of customers can we truly design and produce products with business travel alienation and competitiveness. The needs determine the customers' choices, which also lead to different competitors.

Desheng Biochemical has always been committed to creating domestic reagent raw materials to replace imported ones, with the highest quality. On the basis of accumulating the number of customers, it has been constantly exploring customer needs to meet customer requirements. Therefore, in recent years, the reagent raw materials produced have been sold overseas, and has established a long-term cooperation model with many enterprises. If you have relevant needs, please click the website for consultation!