Quickly learn the preparation method of CHES buffer solution

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Recently, in the process of experimental research, we need to use the biological buffer with a PH of about 9.0. In the process of searching for information on the Internet, the following items were found, including TRIS, CAPS and CHES. TRIS and CAPS are very familiar, so today we will focus on CHES buffer.
CHES buffer.

At 25 ℃, the pKa value of CHES is about 9.3. Because its conventional character is white powder, how to prepare it into the required buffer solution has become an important issue for discussion today. Xiao Bian has successfully configured the required CHES solution by consulting various literatures. Let's learn about it together!

For example, what we need in our experiment is 50 mL, pH 9.0, 0.1M CHES buffer mother solution. Before configuration, two questions should be clarified: How about the solubility of CHES in water? Or what is the saturation concentration of CHES in water?
The information obtained by Xiaobian is that 15g of CHES powder can be dissolved in 85 mL of water. Then a concentration of 0.1 M is feasible. I took a look at the structure of CHES. It is acidic in water, so NaOH is used to adjust the pH value after dissolution. So the configuration process is as follows:

1. Weigh 1.036 g of CHES (MW=207.3 g/mol) and add 40 mL of pure water;

2. At 27 ℃, the pH value of 40ml CHES aqueous solution should be kept at 4.50;

3. Add 1 mL of 1 M NaOH solution and adjust the pH value to 8.83;

4. Add pure water to a constant volume of 50 mL, transfer to a 50 mL sample bottle, and store at room temperature.

In this way, the biological buffer solution mother liquor with a pH of about 9.0 is prepared. According to experience, in the process of the experiment, the final pH is about 8.83, there will be a little deviation, but it can meet the experimental requirements. It is worth noting that in order to obtain reliable data during the experiment, the details of the experiment are very important, and the basic knowledge required in the experiment needs to be taken seriously.

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