What are the storage conditions for Tris buffer?

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Tris buffer solution is a solution prepared from trimethylolaminomethane. Although seemingly insignificant, it has great achievements. Many people know it because it can be used as a buffer to maintain or adjust the pH value of the solution and is frequently used in biological experiments. In addition, it can also be used as a medical intermediate, which is favored by the medical field and has extremely broad social use. The more popular the buffer solution is, the higher the requirements will be, and the storage conditions will be limited. Now, let's introduce the storage conditions of Tris buffer.

Tris, as a widely used biological buffer, belongs to chemical reagents, not dangerous goods. Although the storage conditions are not as harsh as those of dangerous goods, it is also necessary to know the conventional storage conditions and precautions for chemical products.

1. Tris has slight corrosivity and irritation to metal substances, such as copper and aluminum. It is stipulated that different types of products should be classified and stored to avoid mixing.

2. Tris is easy to dissolve with water and ethanol, and its production character is powder, so it needs to be sealed during storage. The powder is easy to absorb moisture, causing discoloration and deterioration

3. The specifications and packaging of Tris sold by different manufacturers are different. Most of them are packaged in barrels, and there are two kinds of bags in barrels: inside bag and not inside bag. Therefore, it is necessary to check or inquire about the sealing of the inside bag after purchase, and check whether there is powder leakage during storage

4. Tris produced by most manufacturers will have a shelf life. The raw materials and manufacturing processes used by manufacturers are different. Some of them have a shelf life of one year, while others have a shelf life of three years. Try to choose manufacturers that produce and sell products on the spot.

5. Sometimes the Tris will change its color after being placed for a period of time. In fact, it is caused by direct sunlight or high temperature during storage. During use, it must be sealed at room temperature to avoid exposure to the air.

6. Generally, Tris is stored at 2-8 ℃. If the amount is large, it can be stored in a cool place and sealed for a long time. Try to keep it ventilated.

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