Warmly congratulate Desheng on winning the title of innovative SMEs in Hubei Province in 2022

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Recently, according to the Interim Measures for the Gradual Cultivation and Management of High quality SMEs issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China (MIIT Enterprise [2022] No. 63) and the Notice of the Provincial Office of Economy and Information Technology on Launching the Cultivation of Innovative SMEs in Hubei Province, the application for innovative SMEs in Hubei Province in 2022 was organized. After voluntary declaration by the enterprise, recommendation by each district and evaluation by experts, Desheng Company was successfully recognized as an innovative small and medium-sized enterprise in Hubei Province by virtue of its strength and production technology.

The meeting mainly focused on selecting the sales revenue growth rate of the evaluation object as the basic standard from hundreds of enterprises in Hubei Province by strictly following the evaluation criteria. Then, by taking the leadership ability, technological innovation ability, industry environment, internal management system, local influence and other aspects of the evaluation object as key indicators, the evaluation and calculation results will be revised to make a comprehensive evaluation.

In the numerous screening, Desheng stood out and became an innovative small and medium-sized enterprise in Hubei Province. The general manager of the company specially congratulated and sincerely thanked everyone for their efforts, which once again proved that the company had made a big step forward, was a symbol of the scientific and technological creativity and service of the enterprise, and was recognized by the country for Desheng's innovative technology.

Hubei Xindesheng was founded in 2005. Since its establishment, it has been 17 years. From the chairman of the board of directors who started to fight alone, to the present team fight, to the title of innovative small and medium-sized enterprises, it has encountered challenges as well as opportunities. But Desheng has never given up, constantly breaking through technical barriers and pursuing excellence.

In recent years, Desheng has invested a lot of money and energy in product research and development, customer service and other fields, and has accumulated a great deal of talent to be included in the proposed list of innovative SMEs in Hubei Province. In the whole in vitro diagnostic reagent industry, Desheng is equipped with an independent research and development base and an elite team, which has incomparable advantages compared with other similar enterprises.
Wang Zhongxi, chairman of Desheng, said that the company will continue to expand its R&D efforts and scale in the next step, until it establishes its own innovative R&D center, expands overseas, continuously improves service quality and product quality, and makes its own contribution to human health.