To understand the Toos in the new Trinder's reagent

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Nowadays, new Trinder's reagents are emerging in the market, and TOOS, as one of the new reagents, has attracted much attention.

The appearance of TOOS is a kind of white crystal powder with high water solubility and stable performance, and has become a commonly used chromogenic reagent in in vitro diagnostic reagents.

At the same time, TOOS is stable in discoloration and not easy to fade, and it is very sensitive in both absorption wavelength and color reaction intensity. Because of the high molar absorbance of TOOS, it can sometimes be used for the determination of trace amounts in serum.

Items that can be detected by TOOS.

TOOS is often used in blood glucose detection and liver function routine examination. In liver function routine examination, it can be combined with BSA and EDTA disodium to form adenosine deaminase detection reagent, which has obvious color effect, sensitive reaction and accurate determination.

In addition, TOOS also plays an important role in the determination of human plasma, serum or uric acid by catalase spectrophotometry and the diagnostic reagents for the detection of triglyceride and cholesterol, which provides great convenience for clinical diagnosis.

Matters needing attention in using TOOS.

TOOS itself has reducibility, in the detection process, although there are enzymes to play a catalytic role, but relatively limited, if in the absence of enzymes, configured into a solution, contact with oxygen in the air, will be disturbed, oxidation discoloration.

Usually need to pay attention to sealed preservation, do not be directly exposed to the air, if you need to configure the powder into a solution, as much as possible to configure as much as possible.

The TOOS developed and produced by Desheng biochemical is a powder with a purity of 99.5%, strong water solubility, convenient preservation and ready-to-use, which not only saves time, but also contributes to the accuracy of the experimental results.

At present, the production of New Trinder's reagents, not only TOOS this product, including ADOS, ALPS, MAOS, TOPS, MADB and so on, all kinds of products are exported to foreign countries, widely recognized and praised by customers, but also reached the willingness of long-term cooperation.

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