The "perfect partner" of serum separation gel and coagulant in vascular collection.

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Serum is one of the most important samples in biochemical immunoassay. the way for hospitals to obtain serum is to collect blood through vein and centrifuge after waiting for blood to coagulate completely.

Usually, after the blood is isolated, the time for complete coagulation is more than 1 hour, but in this case, it is basically impossible to meet the requirements of the laboratory quickly or improve the efficiency. So the serum separation gel and coagulant came into being at this time.

The main component of serum separation gel is high molecular polymer, which is insoluble in water, has strong stability and has the characteristics of antioxidation. It can form a barrier between serum and blood clot, avoid the interaction between serum and blood clot, and ensure the stability of serum components within a certain period of time.

The blood coagulant is developed to quickly promote blood coagulation and obtain high-quality serum in clinical biochemical tests.

It is usually composed of glass powder, carbon powder, silica powder, etc. after processing, the powder is made into anhydrous ethanol suspension and sprayed on the inner wall of the vacuum collecting blood vessel with separation gelatin. then it can be evaporated and dried in a blast drying box.

When used in clinical blood testing, serum separation gel and coagulant are often used together, which not only provides convenience for medical staff, but also greatly shortens the time for blood coagulation and extraction of high-quality serum samples. at the same time, it also ensures the accuracy of the test results.

In addition, after collecting the blood sample, because of the role of separation gel and coagulant, the blood can be completely coagulated and the serum can be extracted and analyzed directly after centrifugation.

At the same time, in the preservation of blood samples, the blood waste after treatment and analysis are all realized in the same test tube, which not only ensures the safety in the testing process, but also avoids the spread of pollution sources.

In 2005, Hubei Xindesheng began to develop and produce vascular collection reagents. At present, the products sold are serum separation gel, heparin sodium, heparin lithium, EDTA dipotassium, tripotassium, coagulant, etc., and some products have obtained national patent certificates.

Product quality is guaranteed, and standardized pre-sales, after-sales service to protect the rights and interests of customers, now the production of vascular reagent has been sold to many countries around the world, has been well received by customers.

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