What is the difference between cosmetic grade heparin sodium and vascular heparin sodium?

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When it comes to heparin sodium, we should be no stranger, whether it is in skin care cosmetics or in blood vessels that go to the hospital to check blood vessels, it will appear in front of us from time to time, so why is the use difference between the two so big? why is it so powerful that it can not only protect the skin but also do testing?

Today we will specifically introduce the difference between cosmetic heparin sodium and vascular additive heparin sodium.

Difference in the application of two kinds of heparin sodium.

Cosmetic grade heparin sodium makes use of its effects of anticoagulation, antithrombosis and reducing blood viscosity to increase skin vascular permeability and improve local blood circulation, which is conducive to skin nutrition supply and metabolic waste excretion, and has a good effect on skin maintenance.

The vascular grade heparin sodium belongs to in vitro anticoagulation, the tester needs to carry out a series of operations after the blood samples are sampled, and the anticoagulation tube with heparin sodium can prevent or delay the blood coagulation and can better carry on the follow-up detection operation.

Difference in ordering of two kinds of heparin sodium.

The purchase quantity of cosmetic grade heparin sodium is generally not very low, and the purchase quantity of one kilogram is only a very small quantity. At present, Desheng has received tons of orders.

The vascular additive heparin sodium is generally ordered in grams (g), one kilogram is a very large order quantity, if someone purchases heparin sodium of kilogram level, it must be asked about the specific use.

Difference of addition amount of two kinds of heparin sodium.

Cosmetic grade heparin sodium belongs to a kind of raw material in cosmetics, which is used in dark circles under the eyes, eye bags, anti-redness gel products or acne and gel products, the addition amount is generally 0.6%, and the addition amount for areola bleaching cream is generally 2.0%.

The vascular additive heparin sodium is not a kind of raw material, it can be configured into a solution and sprayed directly in the blood vessel, the general addition amount is calculated according to the blood volume in the blood vessel, and heparin sodium of 18-20IU is generally needed per milliliter of blood.

Desheng, as a veteran manufacturer of diagnostic reagents, can provide vascular additive heparin sodium or cosmetic grade heparin sodium with sufficient inventory.

At present, Desheng has formed a stable cooperative relationship with a number of customers, and will not forget to serve customers attentively while ensuring quality. Welcome to inquire.