What are the quality standards of nucleic acid sampling tube preservation solution?

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Nucleic acid sampling tube preservation solution is added in the sampling tube to protect the sample protective liquid medium after nasopharyngeal swab sampling, which is usually called virus preservation solution in China, which is habitually referred to as VTM solution or UTM liquid. With the continuous fermentation and spread of COVID-19 epidemic situation, there are still many areas facing the demand of nucleic acid normalization testing and the emerging preservation solution manufacturers.

When we buy, we must understand several quality standards that need to be met.

Appearance requirements of nucleic acid preservation solution.

1, appearance: the product should be full, no obvious deformation, the appearance should be clean, no stains, no impurities, the tube body is transparent and visible, the content can be clearly seen, and the liquid has no leakage.

The liquid in the product should be clarified, no precipitation, no suspended matter, no floc.

2. Size: the complete set of nucleic acid sampling tube manufacturers should specify the outer diameter and height of the product, the error of the outer diameter should be within the range of ±1mm, and the error of the height of the product tube (including tube cap) should be within the range of ±5mm.

Requirements for sealing of nucleic acid preservation solution.

The tightness of the packaging should be strictly guaranteed, and the product should be free of liquid leakage. Desheng does a very good job at this point. Generally, items before shipment will pass the "violence test" of Desheng personnel. What do you mean, they will put the preservation solution upside down? a big man with more than one jin stands on it, and there is no liquid missing extremely qualified packaging. Not only that, those with special packaging requirements will also be treated with entanglement film.

The sealing of the preservation solution has been achieved to the extreme.

Nucleic acid preservation ability requirements:

The known concentration of viral nucleic acid reference materials (such as respiratory virus (RNA) nucleic acid reference materials) should be stored in the product and placed in certain environmental conditions to verify the ability of the product to preserve nucleic acid. The verification results should meet the following minimum standards:

A) it can be stably stored at 37 for more than 4 hours.

B) stable storage at room temperature for more than 24 hours.

C) it can be stably stored at 2 for more than 7 days.

D) it can be preserved stably for a long time at or below-15 .

These are some of the quality requirements of the nucleic acid sampling tube preservation solution sorted out by Desheng. With these requirements, it is believed that it will get twice the result with half the effort. Desheng, as a direct manufacturer of R & D and production of preservation solution at the beginning of the epidemic, strictly checks every requirement, takes customer satisfaction as the standard, and constantly improves its quality. I believe that these are the fundamental reasons why customers choose Desheng as a long-term partner.