Special buffer for agarose gel trimethylol aminomethane acetate

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TRIS acetate is a kind of buffer for PH between 6.0 and 7.0. it belongs to the class of GOOD'S buffer. it was earlier returned from abroad, and it is also a derivative buffer of TRIS. Its main components are acetic acid and TRIS, and its use is basically buffering, but the form of expression is different in a specific environment.

Chinese name: trimethylol aminomethane acetate.

English name: Tris (hydroxymethyl) aminomethane acetate salt.


Advantages: can be directly used to make DNA agarose gel.

Disadvantages: the resolution is not that high.

Notes on trimethylol aminomethane acetate as a special electrophoresis buffer for agarose gel:

Note on Tris acetate contact: direct contact requires wearing gloves, goggles and face masks to avoid skin irritation and eye damage, and respiratory irritation after inhalation.

In the process of use, different amounts and PH configuration tests are required. TAE produced by the reaction of trimethylol aminomethane and acetic acid has buffering effect and belongs to synthetic buffer products.

Agarose gel can be used for nucleic acid electrophoresis, biochemical research, immune diffusion, determination of alpha-fetoglobulin, etc., in which trimethylol aminomethane acetate plays a regulatory role.

What are other uses of trimethylol aminomethane acetate.

In addition to making agarose gel, it can also be used for biological nuclear magnetic resonance buffering, synthetic enzyme preparation products, DNA recombination and gene recombination, pharmaceutical intermediates and so on.

According to the customization of different levels and indicators, the direction of use will be different.

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