After reading this article, quickly learn about trimethylol methylaminoethanesulfonic acid (TES).

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TES buffer is a member of the Good's buffer family. It is often used as a buffer in biochemical detection and belongs to amine buffers.

The Pka value is just about the physiological pH (7.4) at 25 °C, so its useful pH range is 6.8mur8.2, which is in the neutral PH range.

Why is it called TES buffer?

Because it is composed of trimethylol aminomethane (tris), ethylenediamine tetraacetic acid (EDTA) and surfactant SDS, it is called TES buffer and its structure is similar to Tris.

TES buffer.

I. the application of TES.

1. TES can be used in many kinds of protein determination, chromatographic analysis and egg yolk buffer medium.

2. TES can form a complex with DNA. As a cell washing buffer, it can be used for DNA precipitation and extraction, and its effect on enzyme dynamics is greater than that of HEPES buffer.

3. In addition, the use of TES in daily chemicals and cosmetic regulators can protect the active ingredients of the formula from being explained.

2. The configuration method of TES buffer solution (1m, 7.5pH).

1. Prepare the dH2O of 800mL in the appropriate container.

2. Add 229.25 grams of TES to the solution.

3. Add 10N NaOH to adjust the TES solution to the desired pH value.

4. Add dH2O until the volume is 1L.

3. How to choose TES buffer solution manufacturers.

1. Avoid traders and find the source manufacturers to get more favorable prices.

2. Choose manufacturers with production capacity, whose daily output is up to tonnage. Such manufacturers not only have strong strength, but also have no need to worry about their supply capacity. They have the advantages of short delivery time and quick delivery.

3. Technical support can be provided, and professional technical solutions can be provided after purchasing products, which can avoid taking many detours in use.

4. High quality products can be selected from purity, solubility, stability and so on.

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