Detailed introduction of vascular anticoagulant heparin sodium.

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Heparin sodium is a kind of physical and chemical substance with strong negative charge. Because of its natural anticoagulant properties, heparin sodium is often used as a vascular additive to prevent blood coagulation. 

Heparin sodium is sprayed into the test tube, after full contact with the blood, it will inhibit the activity of thrombin and play an anticoagulant effect. 

The main mechanism is that when heparin sodium binds to antithrombin 3, the structure of antithrombin 3 itself is destroyed, but its activity is activated to inhibit clotting factors when it binds to clotting factors. 
Antithrombin 3 and thrombin form a complex, so the role of thrombin becomes weaker, while heparin sodium accelerates this reaction. After the role of thrombin is weakened, fibrinogen can not be converted into fibrin, and the clotting time will be gradually prolonged. 

In addition, as a vascular anticoagulant, heparin sodium also needs to pay attention to the following three aspects: 

1, as a vascular anticoagulant, added to the test tube, the need to select refined heparin sodium, the appearance of white powder. 
Because of the purified heparin sodium, many test index data are not standard, which may lead to errors in the experimental results. 

2. Heparin sodium should follow the principle of ready-to-use when used as vascular additive. 

If necessary, the powder can be prepared into a solution by deionized or distilled water, but be careful not to leave it for too long. 
Because heparin sodium is a mucopolysaccharide substance, after being configured into a solution, it is easy to produce bacteria if it is not used for a long time. 

3. The better effect of blood anticoagulation is that 1mL blood corresponds to heparin sodium using 20IU, so it is necessary to reasonably control the amount of heparin sodium. 

The key of heparin sodium is "heparin". Heparin is generally stored in the viscera and organs of mammals and is effectively extracted from animal liver. 
At present, the domestic pig industry is increasingly developed, the supply of pig small intestine is very wide and easy to ensure the freshness of goods, so the extraction of heparin sodium is mainly achieved by extracting pig small intestine. 

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