TOPS application and storage method

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TOPS (CAS number: 40567-80-4), Chinese name: N-ethyl-N- (2-hydroxy-3-sulfopropyl) -3-methylaniline sodium salt, is a white crystal powder.

Structure of N-ethyl-N- (3-sulfopropyl) -3-methylaniline sodium salt (TOPS)

There are 10 kinds of new Trinder's reagents that we commonly use. The molar absorbance and absorption wavelength of each chromogenic substrate will be different, and there will be differences in the selection of different characteristics. TOPS is more commonly used for chromogenic determination of uric acid and cholesterol. It has good water solubility, high sensitivity, high purity (> 99%), and strong process stability. It can be used in both solution and test pipeline inspection systems. Enzymatic spectrophotometry is a water-soluble reagent for the determination of hydrogen peroxide, which is widely used in diagnostic tests and biochemical tests.


TOPS also has certain requirements for storage. 1. Its water solubility is destined to be in a closed environment and to operate in a dehumidified environment, otherwise it will easily absorb moisture and cause its chemical properties to change. 2. Pack the product in a light-proof bottle because it is sensitive to light. 3. The temperature should be maintained at 0-5 ℃

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