Why Does MAOS Chromogenic Reagent Become Desheng's "Star Product"?

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The Chinese name of MAOS is: N-ethyl-N- (2-hydroxy-3-sulfopropyl) -3,5-dimethylaniline sodium salt monohydrate, CAS No. is: CAS82692-97-5, MAOS It is a chromogenic-developing reagent, which is widely used in blood glucose testing and other biochemical reagent testing.


Why does MAOS become Desheng's "star product"? The first reason is that the absorption wavelength of MAOS is high. Among the chromogenic reagents, the absorption wavelength is a particularly important parameter. Many customers ignore this value when purchasing MAOS chromogenic reagents. The absorption wavelength of MAOS is 630nm, which is affected by other Substance interference is smaller, and some detection experiments require highly accurate detection values to achieve better detection results. MAOS greatly meets this demand.

Enzymes are required for any chromogenic reagent reaction, and pH greatly affects the enzyme activity. Each enzyme has its own high activity pH range. For example, the optimal pH value of peroxidase is about 7.0, the optimal pH value of glucose oxidase is 3.5-6.5, and the most suitable pH value of uric acid oxidase is about 8.5, etc. The pH of MAOS has a wide adaptation range and has a strong adaptation Sex. It can adapt to the pH range of various enzymes, so it is widely used in various chromogenic development reactions. If the environmental pH value does not match, the detection results will be greatly affected, and MAOS reagents will not have such problems.


It is precisely because MAOS has the above several characteristics, so MAOS is currently the most frequently purchased chromogenic development reagent of Desheng. Any manufacturer that has received samples sent by Desheng finally becomes Desheng ’s long-term repurchase customer. The advantages of MAOS reagents produced and developed by Desheng are far more than these. They also have the characteristics of high purity, stable process, absorbance <0.05 (this indicator is more important), high cost performance, and sufficient stock, large quantities and discounts. Please call our professional technical customer service as soon as possible for further consultation.