Knowledge of Good's Buffer BICINE

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Good's buffer can be said to be the "handlebar" of biological buffers. Compared with general biological buffers, it has many advantages. It is a kind of reagent specially developed by Dr. Good for biological research and analysis. It has many kinds and wide applications. Today, I'd like to introduce you to Good's Buffer BICINE.

BICINE buffer

BICINE introduction

BICINE buffer is an organic compound, suitable for the pH range of 7.6 – 9.0, with a pka value of 8.3 at 25 ℃. It is prepared by reacting glycine with ethylene oxide and hydrolyzing the lactone. It has the same advantages as Good's buffer. The powder has good water solubility, no toxicity to cell membrane, low cell membrane permeability, stable chemical performance, and low absorption of ultraviolet and visible light.

Purpose of BICINE

1. For protein crystallization;

2. Thin layer ion exchange chromatography for protein separation and multiphase buffer system for protein SDS-PAGE;

3. Used as buffer in chromatography and polymerase chain reaction;

4. Amphoteric amino acid buffer used in some low temperature experiments.

How to choose high-quality BICINE

Because BICINE has a wide range of applications, there is a high demand for this product in the market. How to find high-quality BICINE? Xiao Bian summarized several points for you here. First, it depends on the purity of the product. The higher the purity, the better the quality of the product; Secondly, look for manufacturers with high daily output, and find large manufacturers to ensure quality.

Desheng Company

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