Do you know the new Trinder's reagent when doing biochemical tests?

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Biochemical testing should be familiar to the New Trinder's Reagentwhich is usually used in various detection kits for creatinine, glucose, uric acid, cholesterol, etc. It has the advantages of good color rendering effect, rapid response, stability, and high measurement precision. Today, I will explain some of Desheng's color reagents in terms of reaction principle, storage method, packaging, transportation and parameters.

Reaction principle of color reagent

The reactant generates H2O2 under the action of peroxidase, and H2O2 will change color when reacting with the chromogenic reagent. We can measure the concentration of H2O2 through the degree of change in color, and then measure the content of the reactant indirectly through the concentration. For example, the color of the color developing product solution is purple. With the continuous increase of glucose concentration, the color will become darker and darker, and the maximum absorption wavelength of the color developing system is 555nm, The glucose content can be obtained from the absorbance at 555nm.

Storage method of color reagent

Color reagents need to be refrigerated for storage. For example, we usually store TOOS or DAOS at a temperature of about 0 ℃. If some of the color reagents have not been used up in the process of use, we usually reseal and pack them or replace them with new bottles for sealing, otherwise moisture absorption will lead to caking or discoloration.

Packaging and transportation of chromogenic reagents

Desheng has very strict requirements on the packaging and transportation of color reagents. For example, after packaging and packaging DAOS, it should be wrapped with pearl foam pads, and then added with 2-3 packs of ice to avoid high temperature, which will affect the use effect of the product during transportation. A bottle is packed with several layers inside and outside, sealed in a dry place for storage, and the outermost layer of paper box is the thickest, with Desheng's logo printed on it.

Desheng produces a wide range of color reagents, and its products such as TOOS, TOPS, HDAOS, MADB are constantly praised. Compared with the color reagent products of other manufacturers, the reaction reagents are shorter, with higher accuracy, and can make accurate diagnosis more quickly in the experiment. Not only that, Desheng is also a direct manufacturer of chromogenic reagents. A professional technical team will help you solve your questions. Please rest assured of our products.