Buy trimethylolmethane in this way, and get twice the result with half the effort

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Open the search engine, and various manufacturers of trimethylolaminomethane come into our eyes. How to quickly select what we need, it not only requires buyers to have a pair of "hot eyes", but also requires buyers to clarify their purchasing purpose. Today, we share the following four methods, and welcome everyone to actively communicate.

See purity

When you buy, you should first look at the purity. If the purity is greater than or equal to 99%, it is a conventional requirement in the market. This purity level is the analytical purity level. If the purity has not reached this standard, you should not consider it. Even under the guise of low price, the quality cannot keep up with the standard, it is futile to buy.

See absorbance

Recently, some customers asked about the absorbance of trimethylolaminomethane, and we will share our knowledge with you here. If it is just the same as industry, the absorbance does not have much reference value, and excessive entanglement with this value will bring you more trouble. If it is used for buffer, it is generally better if the value is lower than 0.1%. If two manufacturers give you similar prices, choose the one with low absorbance, which is also a standard to judge the quality.

Look at the crystal state

As we all know, the state of trimethylolmethane is crystal powder, which is a kind of salt like particles. Some manufacturers' particles are relatively large and very uneven, which is not of good quality. When purchasing, buyers should try to choose smaller, rounder and uniform crystal particles. If you really can't see the real object, you can ask the manufacturer to send a video or buy a small amount first, Purchase in batches after meeting the requirements.

R&D capability

If you want to see the R&D ability, you can inquire about whether the company's technical team is strong in all aspects. Manufacturers with R&D ability will constantly improve the product process and improve the product quality. Some customers have specific requirements for certain indicators. At this time, R&D personnel can develop a better synthetic process route according to customer needs to meet a hard demand of customers, This can only be achieved by powerful R&D manufacturers. If your requirements are high, the dealer should take a detour.

There are four methods listed above. Mastering these methods can help you avoid difficulties when choosing trimethylolmethane. Because of different uses, the procurement needs are also different. At this time, we must be clear about how many of the above four requirements can be met by manufacturers. At present, Desheng has hundreds of TRIS buffer cooperation customers, and its quality has been unanimously praised by many customers. After sales service is in place to meet customers' needs as much as possible. The cost performance ratio is also very high. Welcome to consult and order!