Chromogenic substrate DA-64 for determination of glycosylated serum protein

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The chromogenic substrate DA64, Chinese name N-(carboxymethylaminocarbonyl)-4,4-bis(methylamino)-benzidine, CAS number 115871-19-7, is a kind of peroxidase In the presence of high-sensitivity detection of hydrogen peroxide water-soluble chromogenic reagent, its character is a white powder, and its solubility is higher than other chromogenic reagents, so this is also one of its advantages.

DA64 is a leader among chromogenic reagents, and it has a wide range of uses. Among them, we have to mention its application in the determination of glycated serum protein, because DA67 reacts with the new ecological oxygen generated by the decomposition of holmium (HO). The color is green, and the maximum wavelength is 727nm. After removing the maximum absorption peak of interfering substances, the anti-interference ability of DA64 will be stronger.

Use DA64 to measure glycated serum protein kit for the determination of glycated serum protein in serum. The use method is as follows: Glycated serum protein is digested by protease to produce fructose amino acid, fructose amino acid oxidase acts on fructose amino acid to produce H202, and H202 reacts with chromogen DA-64 under the catalysis of peroxidase, so that DA-64 is converted into a Green product, the content of this product is proportional to the content of glycated serum protein in the sample, the prepared fructose amino acid oxidase method liquid reagent is stable at 2-8 ℃ for at least 6 months. And using DA-64 as chromogen fructose amino acid oxidase method kit can achieve the advantages of simplicity, sensitivity and reliability, and it is suitable for clinical testing.

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