Desheng Biochemical Warm Reminder - Please check your 11 long vacation

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Celebrate the birthday of the motherland

Just after the Mid Autumn Festival, the National Day is coming. Do you know you won't have a holiday, but you still click in? Just like something you know is impossible, but you are secretly expecting it. This year is the 73rd National Day. In the eventful years of war, serving the people is the best embodiment of youth value. Desheng hopes that all people will remember the glorious history and inherit the red gene.

To all employees of Desheng

Splendid China is a prosperous country. The National Day is coming. According to the requirements of the State Council and the actual situation of our company, we hereby inform you of the holiday time as follows: October 1 (Saturday) - October 7 (Friday), a total of 7 days, and we will work normally on October 8. No delivery will be made during the holidays, but the sales and administrative personnel of Desheng will keep their phones open and look forward to hearing from you. We look forward to your understanding and support for the inconvenience caused by the above! I wish you a happy National Day!

To cooperative customers

Desheng's rapid development is inseparable from the strong support of its partners. We extend our warm greetings and sincere thanks to you with gratitude! Thank you for your support and love to Desheng, so that the company can continue to develop and progress! Here, all employees of Desheng sincerely thank all enterprises for their recognition of our products and services. In the future, Desheng will live up to expectations and continue to forge ahead.

Desheng Warm Tips

Please make work arrangements in advance before the National Day. Although we need to have fun during the National Day holiday, we still remind you not to attend dinner parties, wear masks when going out, do not go away unless necessary, and try not to go to key epidemic areas in the province and risk areas outside the province. In view of the repeated epidemic situation of Xinguan, we hope that everyone can take personal safety precautions, wash hands frequently, ventilate more and wear masks. In public places, please keep a safe social distance.  

On the occasion of the National Day, Desheng Biochemical Technology, together with all the staff, wishes you all peace, health and good luck! At the same time, I also wish our great motherland a prosperous and even better future! I hope everyone has a happy and safe National Day.