Application advantages of tris(hydroxymethyl)aminomethane in air purifiers

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Nowadays, environmental problems are getting more and more attention from people, ranging from the ecological environment to the indoor environment. The ecological environment needs everyone's careful protection. So how to improve the family environment? I believe everyone is often troubled by dust that can be seen everywhere. , In fact, the forms of pollutants in indoor air are divided into three categories: particulate matter, gaseous pollutants and microorganisms, and if we want to improve it more easily, we need to use an air purifier.

Tris can improve the adsorption capacity of activated carbon

For the capture of particulate matter, air purifiers generally use filter capture, static electricity and negative ion capture, and household air purifiers mainly use filter capture. Most air purifiers on the market are mainly aimed at the elimination of formaldehyde, which mainly relies on activated carbon adsorption. The activated carbon filter is mainly used to filter out harmful gases such as formaldehyde. If the surface of the activated carbon particles in the activated carbon filter is attached with Tris, that is Trishydroxyaminoaminomethane, the adsorption and decomposition ability of harmful gases such as formaldehyde will be stronger.

Advantages of Trihydroxyaminoaminomethane for Modified Activated Carbon

1. Compared with ordinary activated carbon filtration, the activated carbon added with tris-hydroxymethylaminomethane has a stronger adsorption capacity for formaldehyde, which can be increased by 4-6 times, and can reach a normal indoor environment in a short time.

2. Activated carbon is characterized by being porous. There are many interconnected channels with irregular shapes and sizes, and adding tris on the surface can keep its porous structure from being destroyed, thereby better adsorbing harmful substances in the air. effect.

3. Compared with other technologies, this gas adsorption and separation technology has a milder reaction and will not produce other harmful gases. The filter element can be replaced at any time after the end of its service life, making it more convenient to use.

I didn't expect that the air purifiers often used in our home also have Tris. After learning about its use, do you instantly feel that you are more "forced" and talk about electronic products in the future? There is one more thing to talk about after dinner. Of course, our purpose is not to show off, but to let more people appreciate its great powers. By the way, let’s talk about Desheng-tris manufacturer. If the first few There are no customers who buy it in bulk for use in the purifier, and I still don't know how powerful it is.