Hydroxyethylpiperazine ethanesulfonic acid HEPES, how many surprises you have I don't know

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When it comes to the ingredients in the raw materials of skin care products, I believe that everyone will not be too unfamiliar with HEPES, because there are too many big brands in it. Irregular, ageing, the skin is slowly showing signs of early aging, is there a hero to save this face? Today, we will talk about the surprises brought by HEPES from the application of three skin care products: Essence, Crystal Water, and Cleansing Gel.

HEPES is used in essence

First of all, let’s introduce the ingredients in a certain luminous bottle essence. The main purpose is to effectively target dull pigment from the direction of desalination. It uses 3% tranexamic acid + 1% kojic acid to inhibit the formation and synthesis of pigment from the source, and then With 5% niacinamide to inhibit pigment transfer and accelerate cell renewal, this can alleviate most of the dark pigmentation problems. 5% HEPES softens the keratin and peels off the old skin on the surface, and you can sit back and enjoy the beauty and whitening.

HEPES for crystal clear water

The texture of Crystal Water is between essence and toner, and it also has an important ingredient - hydroxyethylpiperazine ethanesulfonic acid (HEPES), which can adjust the pH of the skin and achieve gentle exfoliation by increasing the activity of proteases. , to promote the absorption of subsequent products. HEPES has a certain exfoliating power, similar to AHAs, but far less irritating, allowing the active ingredients to penetrate more easily. After all, Collrepair, astaxanthin, etc. are all water-soluble ingredients, and HEPES can ensure better absorption.

HEPES is used in cleansing gel

A certain cleansing gel belongs to the category of amino acid surface cleansers. The upgraded product adds HEPES to replace the fruit acid in the previous product. HEPES is similar to macromolecular fruit acid, but it is weakly acidic and milder than fruit acid. It can soften cutin, promote The role of cell renewal. Therefore, this cleansing gel can gently metabolize old dead skin cells while cleaning, and daily light makeup can also be easily removed. Compared with the appearance before the upgrade, the appearance of the upgraded product has also improved a lot.

Since HEPES can bring us so many surprises, it must be an indispensable raw material for skin care products. Where can we find HEPES manufacturers? Just ask me, Desheng is the company that successfully obtained the HEPES cosmetic raw material reporting code. One, with reliable quality and high-quality service, it is sold at home and abroad, and can withstand the test of the market. If you need it, please welcome the Union.