Application and introduction of 9 new Trinder's reagents produced by Desheng

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Chromogen substrates are an indispensable class of in vitro diagnostic reagents and can be used in a variety of detection items. Speaking of chromogenic substrates, I believe everyone will think of the new Trinder’s reagents. If chromogenic substrates are extremely important reagents in in vitro diagnostics, the new Trinder's reagents in chromogenic substrates are one of the most widely used ones.

Desheng's new Trinder's reagent

From the table below, it can be seen that the water solubility, pH range, and absorption wavelength of the new Trinder’s reagent are excellent, and the reaction sensitivity is excellent. It can be used in various detection experiments, and the detection of creatinine, glucose, uric acid, cholesterol and other indicators is more accurate.

9 new Trinder's reagents produced by Desheng

Chromogenic substrate name Absorbance wavelength (nm) Solution pH range Molar absorbance

TOOS 555 5.5-9.5 3.92X10

ADOS 542 5.5-9.5 2.72X10

TOPS 550 5.5-9.5 3.74X10

MADB 630 5.5-9.5 1.65X10

MAOS 630 5.5-9.5 2.25X10

DAOS 593 5.5-9.5 1.75X10

HDAOS 583 5.5-9.5 1.73X10

ADPS 540 5.5-9.5 2.79X10

ALPS 561 6.5-7.5 4.13X10

Among the 9 products mentioned above, TOOS and TOPS are consulted and ordered by a large number of customers, and they are also Desheng's advantageous products. The Chinese name of TOOS is N-ethyl-N-(2-hydroxy-3-sulfopropyl)-3-methylaniline sodium salt, which is commonly used in the detection of blood glucose metabolism in in vitro diagnosis. The kit can also be used as a raw material.

TOPS, Chinese name N-ethyl-N-(3-sulfopropyl)-m-toluidine sodium salt, is mainly used in renal function diagnostic kits such as uric acid determination and serum creatinine detection in in vitro diagnosis.

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