Take you a minute to understand PRP and serum separation gel

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What exactly is PRP

When it comes to PRP, all kinds of beauty lovers should know it, because it is widely used in plastic surgery and cosmetology. It is actually a kind of platelet-rich plasma obtained by centrifuging and separating the blood layer by layer. After a certain treatment, the blood is finally injected into the part that needs beauty, which plays the role of repair and regeneration, so as to achieve a certain beauty effect.

PRP is inseparable from serum separation gel

To say why PRP can achieve such a magical effect, it must be attributed to the serum separation gel. Under the action of the serum separation gel, the blood undergoes a series of extraction and centrifugation, and finally three isolation layers of PPP, PRP and red blood cells are formed. , as shown in the figure below, the top layer is light yellow autologous serum, the bottom layer is RBC red blood cells, and the thin layer in the middle is the platelet-rich plasma we really need, which explains why PRP is so expensive. It is very difficult in terms of extraction technology and extraction quantity.


After centrifugation and stratification, the milky white PRP is a very thin layer, which can be prepared by special centrifugation.

PRP separating gel

The serum separation gel used in PRP has a professional name in the industry called PRP separation gel, also known as PRP gel, which is specially used to extract platelets and other components. Compared with ordinary serum separation gel, there is not much difference in essence. The only difference is It is because the specific gravity of PRP separation gel (about 1.078) is larger than that of ordinary separation gel (1.045-1.055), and the blood processed by PRP separation gel is finally injected directly into the human body. The requirements for PRP gel will be met. Higher, biocompatibility, etc. must meet the requirements, so that there will be no negative effects.

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