Desheng - biological buffer 3-(cyclohexylamine)-1-propanesulfonic acid CAPS cas1135-40-6

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CAPS buffer is a solution obtained by mixing CAPS powder with deionized water and adjusting the pH value with sodium hydroxide. If this solution needs to be stored, it has high temperature requirements. After high temperature sterilization, it needs to be stored at about 4 °C to stabilize its performance. Because of this, in order to facilitate storage, transportation and maintain the best state of the solution, there are more manufacturers selling CAPS buffer powder on the market.

Buying powder and configuring it on-site when using it can not only ensure that there are no mistakes in the transportation process, but also keep the product performance stable. The CAPS produced by Desheng has good water solubility and simple configuration steps, and can be used in various biochemical experiments.

CAPS powder

Application of CAPS buffer:

1. It is used for PVD membrane transfer of proteins. Because the traditional TRIS-gly buffer contains glycine, and the protein also contains glycine, it is easy to be confused and difficult to distinguish. Therefore, it is recommended to use 10mM/CAPS 10% methanol, which is more suitable for the transfer of high molecular weight proteins. There are advantages.

2. 3-Cyclohexylaminopropanesulfonic acid (CAPS) dissolves in deionized water, can support alkaline phosphatase activity and inhibit the growth of Aeromonas at pH 10.5, adjust pH to 11.0 for fibronectin purification.

3. It is used in kit raw materials and other biochemical experiments.

Desheng Company is a manufacturer dedicated to R&D, production and sales of chemical reagents. We can provide biological buffers, blood collection tube additives, chemiluminescence reagents, luminescent markers and enzyme chromogenic substrates, as well as antigen-antibody reagents. The product range is complete, which can meet the needs of one-stop shopping. For some products, we can also accept customized synthesis services. If you have purchase needs, please come to consult and understand.