Several misconceptions about purchasing carbomer powder

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With the emergence of more and more carbomer powder manufacturers in the market, buyers can be said to be picky. Recently, there are many customers who have come to our company to inquire about carbomer powder, and many customers have some The wrong habits or misunderstandings will be sorted out today, hoping to help buyers.

1. Buy imported products instead of domestic ones

There are many people who ask if Carbomer is imported as soon as they come up. It seems that they have entered a misunderstanding. Are imported ones good? In fact, it is not. Now there are batches of excellent Carbomer manufacturers emerging in China. Its transparency and viscosity are not inferior to imported brands. On the contrary, there are advantages in price. Many domestic brands such as Desheng can also provide free sample testing. Can you enjoy this kind of "treatment" for imported brands?

2. The higher the price, the better

If the price is high, the product must be good. If the price is low, the product must be unreliable. There is no absolute black and white in the world. To talk about the quality of the product aside from the cost-effectiveness is simply a hooligan. Buying any product including carbomer Powder, in addition to the price, you should also consider the influence of many factors such as after-sales service, workmanship, solid materials, and excellent quality. Expensive is not necessarily good, what we are looking for is genuine, and we can choose the right carbomer powder manufacturer after leasing.

    3. The higher the transparency and viscosity, the better

Transparency and viscosity are not as high as possible. Some manufacturers require high viscosity, while others require low viscosity. If the product can meet your expectations and have a good price, why not do it. In fact, the properties of different carbomers are different in all aspects. You must choose the appropriate carbomer model according to your own use. After using it, you will know whether it is suitable or not. Don't blindly pursue high transparency and high viscosity.

The purpose of sharing the above three points today is to help you choose a suitable carbomer manufacturer. Desheng has invested heavily in the research and development and production of carbomer since the beginning of the epidemic. With the continuous upgrading of technology, the number of cooperative customers continues to grow. In addition, Desheng takes customer confidence and cooperation with us as the standard of sales. In good faith management, cooperation and win-win for the purpose. Build a domestic raw material manufacturer! You can contact us at any time if you need it, and look forward to your news!