How much is a liter of virus transport media

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The virus transport media is actually a liquid in the nucleic acid sampling tube. Don't underestimate it, because it has contributed a lot to the nucleic acid screening of the new crown. After collecting samples from our throat swabs or nasal swabs, they need to be placed In the virus transport media, it is used for the extraction, transportation and preservation of nucleic acid detection samples. Its color is sometimes transparent, sometimes pink, and can be customized according to customer needs.

Recently, the epidemic has spread everywhere again, and the demand for virus transport media is increasing. There are always customers who ask our company for the price of preservation solution, so how much is a liter of virus transport media? In fact, before answering this question, we must first find out the customer's The real purchase quantity, if there is no clear quantity, then the salesperson can only give a tiered price. The so-called tiered price means that there will be different purchase prices for different order quantity ranges. I believe everyone knows this truth, buy a liter or a barrel? One ton or ten tons? That price is worlds apart.

Another factor that affects the price of virus transport media is the difference between manufacturers and agents. Manufacturers have R&D and production capabilities, and can accurately control their production costs and give customers a more affordable price. virus transport media This product is generally used in a relatively large amount and has the characteristics of multiple purchases. Under the premise of quality assurance, as long as the customer's purchase volume is large enough, the manufacturer can give a more attractive price, while the agent is different. Because of the interest trend, the price is generally not lower than the manufacturer.

The repeated outbreak of the epidemic often makes us worry. How can the emerging virus transport media manufacturers win the favor of buyers? This is a question worth pondering. In order to attract customers' attention, some businesses have no limit to attract customers' attention. Publicity, if you can't fight for quality, fight for price. You must know that buyers have sharp eyes. No matter how low the price is, if the quality is not good enough, it will be "death to the light" soon after use. If you want to be "famous in the world", it is very important. easy to do.

Therefore, to answer the question of how much is a liter of virus transport media, we need to look at it comprehensively. On the premise that the quality is guaranteed, first look at the specific order quantity, and secondly look at whether it is a direct manufacturer. If your order quantity is also high, look for It is also a direct manufacturer with R&D capabilities like Desheng, then congratulations, you will become a "loyal fan" of Desheng, because Desheng will use high-level products, attentive service, and professional technology to win Your "Fang Xin", if you don't believe me, you can pick up your mobile phone and inquire now.