The configuration method and application of MOPS sodium salt

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The full Chinese name of MOPSO sodium salt is 3-(N-morpholinyl) propanesulfonic acid sodium salt, which belongs to a kind of biological buffer and is mainly used as a buffer solution for adjusting pH in biochemical experiments. Its effective buffer range is between 6.5-7.9. Speaking of which, I don’t know if it reminds you of MOPS buffer. Yes, MOPS sodium salt is actually a derivative of MOPS, so they are very similar in name, pH range and even application. And in some ways it will work better than MOPS.

MOPS sodium salt

The configuration method of MOPS sodium salt:

1. To configure 1L of MOPS sodium salt solvent, first prepare 231.25 grams of MOPS sodium salt powder, 750 ml of distilled water, concentrated hydrochloric acid, a beaker container, and a stirring rod;

2. Pour the prepared MOPS sodium salt powder and 750 ml of distilled water into the beaker container and stir to dissolve;

3. Use concentrated hydrochloric acid to adjust to the desired pH value;

4. Add distilled water again to fill to a final volume of 1L;

5. Filter and sterilize the constant volume solution to obtain the final solvent.

Application of MOPS sodium salt:

1. MOPS sodium salt is basically impermeable to cell membranes and can be used in cell culture medium;

2. It does not complex with most metal ions and can be used as a buffer in metal ion solutions;

3. As a buffer for RNA isolation in agarose gel;

4. Protein purification in chromatography.

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