Three Frequently Asked Questions about Acridine Esters

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1. Which acridine ester is good?

If there is no special labeling requirement, it is recommended to use acridine esters with NHS groups, because the NHS groups can directly react with the primary amino groups of proteins. After the reaction is completed, the excess acridine salts are removed through a desalting column without condensation. It meets the marking requirements, so it is used more. Desheng currently has several acridine esters with NHS groups, which are DMAE-NHS, NSP-DMAE-NHS, and NSP-SA-NHS, which are all good choices.

2. Can acridine ester be tried?

Because the unit price of acridine ester is relatively high, it is generally not possible to provide trial packs. In addition, the price of acridine ester is measured in milligrams. It is very difficult to say that you only need 1MG. After weighing it out and putting it in a bottle, you can’t use it at all, so it is generally sold from 10MG. Of course, special circumstances are not excluded here. For example, your demand in the later stage is very large, and the company has signed a long-term cooperation strategy. In principle, some trial packs can be provided.

3. How to find acridine ester manufacturers

Although acridine esters are widely advertised in the market, there are few reliable manufacturers. Here are several identification methods. First, look for manufacturers with sufficient inventory, because many merchants do not do well in advertising, but it is very likely that it is just a middleman. Generally, those who have inventory are most likely to be direct manufacturers; Second, the categories must be complete. There are many different groups in the acridine ester series, and the requirements of each customer are different. It is inevitable that there will be differences. Sufficient categories can save procurement time. Third, whether there is research and development capability, many customers are buying There are often such "tricky" questions, and only technical manufacturers can give customers a satisfactory answer, which is very helpful for customers' follow-up use.

As a direct manufacturer of acridine esters, Desheng has always wanted to provide customers with better service and prices, but very few can find us. Although Desheng started not early in the field of chemiluminescence in China, with the development of technology With continuous upgrading and continuous development of scientific research personnel, the current development is extremely fast, and a lot of "loyal customers" have been accumulated. The author believes that in the next 5 years or 10 years, Desheng will be able to gain a place in the field of chemiluminescence and go international.