Resin Carbomer U20 and U2020

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Acrylic polymer carbomer is a white fluffy powder that is easily soluble in water, glycerol, ethanol, etc. It has the characteristics of high thickening, good suspending power, rapid wetting without stirring. After the neutralization reaction of carbomer and alkaline substances, it will expand rapidly to form a transparent, viscous thick gel. According to different properties, carbomers are divided into many series. Today, we mainly learn about resin carbomers U20 and U2020.


Desheng Carbomer

Carbomer U20 has long rheology, and its main function in products is to thicken, increase transparency and increase suspension. It is often used in disinfectants, cleaners, styling gels and other products. Although it has a high viscosity, it does not feel sticky and has a better skin feel than Carbomer 934. It is used in creams and lotions to make products more delicate. Carbomer U20 is very hydrophilic. When not in use, it should be sealed and placed in a moisture-proof place; it can be quickly wetted without stirring during use, and it will not form a paste and affect the solubility. It has good ionic resistance and good thickening effect in high salt systems. Carbomer U20 is suitable for a wide range of pH, and the viscosity and consistency will not change greatly.

Acrylic resin carbomer U2020 is also white fluffy powder, soluble in water, glycerol, ethanol, etc. It is mainly used in product formulations containing certain surfactants. It is easy to disperse and dissolve, and basically does not agglomerate. It is often neutralized with alkaline substances such as triethanolamine or sodium hydroxide and used in shampoos, shower gels, and skin care products. and other daily care products. Carbomer U2020 is not irritating to the skin, and can provide certain moisturizing and freckle-removing effects. Carbomer U202 showed good thickening efficiency, suspension ability, fluidity and transparency. It has freckle-removing properties. Unlike Carbomer U20, the salt effect of Carbomer U2020 is not good. During preparation, if minerals are added, its consistency will weaken or even disappear.

    Whether it is Carbomer U20, U2020 or other models, avoid agglomeration during use, otherwise it will be difficult to dissolve and cause difficulty in use. It should also be stored in a dry place away from light. Desheng can currently provide more than 10 kinds of carbomers. Our professional sales staff will provide suitable models according to your needs. The technical department can customize indicators according to your needs. Welcome to consult and purchase.