What is mixed mining? How much virus transport media is needed?

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With the outbreak of the epidemic in various places, in order to strictly control the epidemic without stopping work, it seems to be the norm for many people to have an inspection every 2 days and every 3 days. There is even a saying that "no inspection today, no work tomorrow". . The resources spent on such a large-scale detection are enormous. Therefore, the detection method of mixed sampling has emerged, which can not only ensure the demand for sampling, but also greatly reduce the testing cost of large-capacity virus media.

Mixed sampling includes five mixed one, ten mixed one, twenty mixed one, that is, the sampling samples of 5, 10 or 20 people are placed in the same virus sampling tube and tested uniformly. If the test result is negative, this group of people is all negative; if the test result is positive, this group of people will be isolated and tested separately to find positive cases. In large-scale sampling, mixed sampling screening is more efficient and can detect the results of multiple people at the same time, and the cost is lower. When mixed sampling, the requirements for personnel information registration are stricter. It is necessary to ensure that the samples correspond to the information of the inspected personnel, and that all samples in the sampling tube are immersed in the virus transport media Therefore, different mixing methods require different amounts of virus transport media

Sampling method Non-inactivated virus preservation solution capacity Inactivated virus preservation solution capacity

Apheresis 3ml 3ml

Five Mix One 5ml 5ml

Ten Mix One 6ml 6ml

Twenty Mix One 12ml 12ml

    In addition to mixed collection, there is another type of mixed inspection. After apheresis, a part of the preservation solution is mixed with different objects, and then tested. The second type of "mixed inspection": put the collected throat swabs in their respective specimen sampling containers, and then take a certain equal volume of preservation solution from their respective sampling tubes for mixing. The purpose of this test is to directly test the apheresis tubes of the mixed test target one by one if the result of the mixed test is positive, find the positive samples, lock the relevant personnel, and then conduct screening. However, I personally feel that the sampling of large-scale low-risk areas is cumbersome.

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