Can inactivated virus nucleic acid preservation solution be used instead of antigen preservation solution?

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At present, the "antigen screening, nucleic acid diagnosis" model for new coronavirus detection has been widely used in various scenarios. In the detection, some people also want to know what is the role of the new coronavirus nucleic acid preservation solution and antigen preservation solution? Can they share?

Nucleic acid preservation solution

The target of the new coronavirus nucleic acid detection is the nucleic acid gene fragment inside the virus. The nucleic acid preservation solution is to protect the viral nucleic acid from being rapidly degraded in vitro, so as to facilitate the amplification of nucleic acid sequences and achieve the purpose of detection. Nucleic acid preservation solution is mainly divided into inactivated type and non-inactivated type.

The inactivated preservation solution can inactivate the collected virus, make the virus lose its ability to infect, and at the same time ensure the integrity of the viral nucleic acid in the sample, and the collected virus sample can be transported and stored for a long time under normal temperature conditions. The non-inactivated preservation solution can keep the virus active and has no inhibition on subsequent nucleic acid amplification. It needs to be refrigerated and tested as soon as possible. Because the virus has not been inactivated, there is a risk of operational errors when performing nucleic acid testing. There is no need to cultivate live viruses, and most of them can use inactivated virus preservation solutions.

Antigen Preservation Solution

The new crown antigen detection object is the protein of the new crown virus. Antigen preservation solution increases the permeability of cell membrane or even completely breaks it, releases specific protein, and keeps specific protein in a stable soluble state in solution without denaturation or decomposition, ensuring that it can be used on the detection reagent plate. Antigen-antibody immune response occurs.

Can nucleic acid preservation solution and antigen preservation solution be substituted for each other?

The guanidine salt and other components in the nucleic acid preservation solution will denature the antigen protein, affect the antigen-antibody reaction, and cannot form an antigen-antibody complex, resulting in false negatives. Therefore, the new coronavirus nucleic acid preservation solution and antigen preservation solution cannot be shared and are irreplaceable. of.

Manufacturers do not recommend using inactivated nucleic acid preservation solution instead of antigen preservation solution. Not only that, but the new crown antigen preservation solutions of different manufacturers are not universal. The performance of the manufacturer's antigen detection reagent is related to the pH value of the supporting solution. When using the non-matching sample preservation solution, the pH value of the reaction environment will change, resulting in false positive or false negative results.

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