How Carbomer Powder is Made

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Carbomers are a member of the family of cross-linked acrylic polymers, which are used in many fields such as cosmetics, personal care products, ink printing, adhesives and coatings. For nearly 50 years, many industries have relied on various types of carbomers to increase viscosity, stabilize emulsions and suspend particles, especially in cosmetics. This article will focus on how such a powerful carbomer is synthesized.

Carbomer Powder and Carbomer Gel

The main ingredients of Carbomer:

Acrylic acid, a petrochemical product derived from acrylic acid gas feedstock, typically involves a two-stage catalytic oxidation in which propylene reacts with air to produce acrolein as an intermediate, which is then further oxidized to produce acrylic acid.

Polyallyl ethers are prepared by the base-catalyzed reaction of a polyhydroxy functional compound such as sucrose or pentaerythritol with excess allyl chloride to produce polyallyl ethers substituted to varying degrees.

Carbomer synthesis method:

Acrylic acid and a small amount of TAPE and potassium carbonate (K 2 CO 3 ) were initially dissolved in ethyl acetate/cyclohexane co-solvent;

The addition of K2CO3 to neutralize a small fraction (usually ≤3%) of the acrylic groups may help to promote the precipitation of the resulting polymer in the co-solvent system;

The mixture was heated to 50°C under nitrogen atmosphere, and a peroxygen initiator, such as bis(2-ethylhexyl)peroxydicarbonate (predissolved in a co-solvent), was slowly added to the reaction vessel over 6 hours;

As the polymerization proceeds, the insoluble carbomer product precipitates from the solvent and forms a slurry of carbomer particles in the solvent;

After the reaction is complete, the carbomer is separated from the slurry and the polymer solids are dried to obtain the carbomer product in powder form.

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