Serum Separation Gel Procoagulation Tube and Anticoagulation Tube

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Serum separation gel is a substance used to separate serum from coagulated whole blood or separate plasma from cells. It belongs to a relatively viscous fluid. The serum separation gel produced by Desheng has a transparent, semi-transparent appearance. Transparent and opaque. Adding it to the vacuum blood collection tube can form an isolation layer between the cell components of the blood and the serum, thereby effectively preventing the exchange of substances between the blood cells and the serum.

serum separation gel

When adding serum separation gel, some other blood collection tube additives, such as common anticoagulants and coagulants, will also be added according to the needs of clinical trials.

blood coagulant

Blood coagulant is a coagulant developed for the rapid separation of serum samples in clinical tests. Generally, coagulant components such as silica powder, glass powder, carbon powder and snake venom are commonly used, and are specially processed into powder and spherical shape. The powder is made into anhydrous ethanol suspension, sprayed on the inner wall of the serum separation gel vacuum test tube, and placed in a blast drying oven (35°C) to evaporate the anhydrous alcohol to dryness. If the turnover of the serum separating gel is not good, there will be incomplete separation between the separating gel compartment and serum and blood clots. Isolation layer. To completely coagulate the blood, the serum separator gel tube must be used correctly according to the instructions to prepare high-quality serum samples.

blood anticoagulants

The plasma separation gel anticoagulation tube is required for rapid plasma biochemical emergency testing, that is, spraying heparin lithium or heparin sodium on the inner wall of the separation gel blood collection tube to achieve the effect of blood anticoagulation.

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