How should the in vitro diagnostic reagent industry look for development

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After 40 years of continuous development and progress, China's in vitro diagnostic reagent has made remarkable achievements. New business models, new business concepts and new market formats are helping the development of the industry all the time. How to advance the development of in vitro diagnosis in China.
As the largest segment of medical devices, in vitro diagnostic reagents show the characteristics of small base and high growth rate, which attracts the attention of the capital market and the industry.
Under the help of the capital market, enterprises have many choices in the development path according to their own conditions, which is beyond reproach. However, our excellent in vitro diagnosis enterprises must also think calmly: should they focus on the main business or the upstream and downstream expansion? Is it independent endogenous organic development, or is it to actively take the road of merger and acquisition? Is it by increasing investment in scientific research to adhere to product innovation and constantly improve product quality or layout of "new business model"? These problems should cause us entrepreneurs to think deeply and pay attention to.
Domestic leading enterprise in vitro diagnostic reagents should be more focus on product research and development and improving the quality of the products, and this is the healthy development of the enterprise and improve the core competitiveness of the only right choice, but unfortunately, in reality we see some companies in the busy upstream and downstream, domestic 24 IVD listed companies, in addition to the two major business is business and two diagnostic services as the main business, the remaining 20 is made for the main business of product research and development production enterprise.
In recent years, with the encouragement of the state and the support of various policies, many domestic enterprises have begun to try to launch completely innovative products. DE sheng technology is also so, currently developed in vitro diagnostic reagent luminol, separation glue and n-ethylation catalyst three products have been applied for the national patent. Plus DE sheng serum separation gel in 2012 got the radiation-hardened separation gel invention patent certificate, DE sheng fully realize enterprise's core competitiveness is the product truly, no unique fist product, no delicate, repeatability, stability of product quality excellent, and busy homogeneity of products and price competition, will not be able to accomplish a great enterprise, so, no matter how the market model changes, the only is the excellent product in an impregnable position. The corporate culture of desheng is based on morality, honesty, quality first, leading technology, customer first, co-existence and win-win, which means that we really want to take technical products as the first productive force, provide customers with high-quality products, and make progress together.