Desheng's report on how to control the growth of activated Virus Transport Media

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Recently, there are a lot of phenomena on the market that activated Virus Transport Medias grow bacteria during use. Many companies have returned goods. However, for Desheng, this problem does not exist. As for the problem of Virus Transport Media growth bacteria, we Asked Director Liu of Desheng Technology Department, he said that Desheng's activated Virus Transport Media does not grow bacteria.

activated Virus Transport Media(Left: normal; right: after growing bacteria)

Editor: Hello Director Liu, I would like to ask you to briefly introduce to us what is a activated Virus Transport Media?

Director Liu: The activated Virus Transport Media does not contain lysed salt, but the preserved virus has better integrity and higher detection rate. It can be used for other studies besides nucleic acid detection. activated Virus Transport Media has antibacterial and antifungal effects; bovine serum albumin (BSA) as a protein stabilizer can form a protective film in the virus protein shell, making it difficult to decompose and ensure the integrity of the virus Sex; the neutral environment constructed by Hanks buffer helps to increase the survival time and infection stability of the virus.


Editor-in-chief: I heard that many testing organizations have recently grown bacteria while using activated Virus Transport Medias. What caused it to grow bacteria?

Director Liu: The main reason for the growth of bacteria in the activated Virus Transport Media is temperature and air bacterial contamination, but it does not rule out other causes of growth bacteria.

Editor: Why does temperature and air make it grow bacteria?

Director Liu: Due to the high temperature and high humidity, the microorganisms in the air will multiply in large numbers, resulting in a series of complex changes, which will lead to spoilage and spoilage. In addition, there is more moisture and the pH is suitable.

Editor: What kind of environment should we control?

Director Liu: When we use the activated virus storage solution, the temperature should be controlled at 0-4 ℃. It is necessary to operate in a sterile environment to prevent microorganisms in the air from entering the storage solution and causing deterioration.

Editor: I heard that Desheng's activated Virus Transport Media has not yet grown bacteria?

Director Liu: Due to the strict control of the activated virus storage solution in the use and sub-packaging process, many activated virus storage solutions on the market now have bacteria growth phenomenon. Many experiments have been carried out technically and the colonies have been strictly controlled, so our products will not grow bacteria, which is why the products we sell will be loved and trusted by new and old customers. At present, many customers have repurchased our products. I believe there will be more later, and I am very confident in our products.


Editor: Thank you very much for Director Liu's visit, from which we can see that Desheng's products are strictly controlled and have high quality requirements. A good company should have such a good quality and more ability to solve problems for our customers.