Market analysis of in vitro diagnostic reagent circulation in China

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Market analysis of in vitro diagnostic reagent circulation in China
China's in vitro diagnostic reagent circulation and service enterprises are currently in the full market competition stage, a wide range of service providers. According to the business model, there are not only dealers, but also comprehensive service providers providing technical support services. According to the product content division, not only the distribution of a single brand of multiple product categories, distribution of multiple brands of single product categories, but also the distribution of multiple brands of multiple product categories of service providers; According to the business area division, there are regional service providers and cross-regional integrated service providers.
Since the end users of in vitro diagnostic reagent products, namely the medical laboratories, are distributed all over the country, the service providers form different main coverage areas according to different regions and different distribution brands. At present, most of the domestic medical laboratory service providers are regional companies in the province, with a large number of enterprises, lack of scale advantage, single distribution brand, weak service capability, and can provide intensive supply chain and comprehensive laboratory services, while the number of cross-regional service providers with scale advantage is small.
In recent years, there are more and more listed enterprises in the field of in vitro diagnostic reagent product circulation. Due to the optimistic view on the development of the industry, various VC and PE investments are also very active, which makes the number of enterprises with capital advantages increase continuously. In order to gain competitive advantages, these enterprises acquire enterprises with technological or channel advantages to form or improve their product fields and distribution channels, so as to expand the enterprise scale and product market share. Industry reshuffle is coming or has already come.
From the perspective of existing enterprises in the field of in vitro diagnostic reagent product circulation, there are four types:
1. Traditional circulation enterprises and upstream manufacturers involved in the circulation field
These enterprises are mainly listed enterprises with large scale, relatively sufficient capital, excellent professional ability and profound industry background.
2. Third-party laboratory company
Many of these companies have also been listed and have the advantages of the first type of enterprises, but there are significant differences in the choice of business model, they are more in the form of industry downstream enterprises.
3. Enter the large pharmaceutical enterprises in the field of in vitro diagnostic reagent circulation
This kind of enterprise contains many industry oligarchs, channel ability is very strong, capital is sufficient, but this industry's professional ability and other aspects appear weak.
4. Small and medium-sized channel business enterprises
At present, facing the era of industry intensification, it is not suitable in terms of volume, capital and professional ability, but channel ability is still an advantage.
DE sheng biotechnology is one of the leading enterprises in small and medium-sized distributors, with more than ten years of production experience, advanced production equipment and professional r&d team, over the years maintained a rapid growth trend, enhance their ability to form a complete set of equipment, increase the reagent production capacity, actively explore overseas markets, DE sheng will be growing in the circulation industry change, and on the basis of realizing the extent of the formats and profit increase. At present, the in vitro diagnostic reagents produced include chemiluminescence reagents, color developing reagents, biological buffer , blood vessel additives, enzyme preparations and other products.